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2005 Mom's 90th birthday








2007 Family



Our Families
Tammy's Family



**  2014 Family







2009 Family










Four generations of military service by the Anderson family.           

























































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Christmas 2005 at Last Rose Homeport



Latest pictures added on - 12-31-2015

Dawn Grant's 2005 birthday party



2003 visit to Jamestown, New York



2005 visit by Marge' niece, Marsha and her husband, Kevin, while on their honeymoon.


2003 visit by Marge's sister, Marylin, her daughter, Brenda, and granddaughter (Brenda's daughter), Jessica


Photos of Lee and family with his original electric scooter and lift van - 2003/4.


2003 visit from Mom


July 2006 Jessica & Alexis' visit



at Anderson/Dean Park pool




August 2007 visit to Jamestown, NY

Picnic at the LeRoy's




Lake Erie at Barcelona, NY


Diner at the Nickel Inn in Frewsburg, NY


Relaxing and enjoying the beautiful weather on the front porch at Loyalton










June 2007 visit from the West Coast Anderson family











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Jim & Carin's visit in April


Marge's niece, Marsha, her husband, Kevin, and daughter, Kammy visit in May

Ruth & Vern's visit in September/October


Thad's visit in September



Lee's Cousin, Jimmy & his wife, Teresa Anderson & Carin & Jim's visit in October


Jimmy's USMC motorcycle









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August 2009 visit with families

The Chipman siblings


Dinner at Nickel Inn


The LeRoy's


Ruth & Vern's visit to KY



Our 2009 Chrysler Town & Country van with Braun Mobility conversion



September 2007 visit by Ruth, Vern & Sandy


October 2008 visit by Ruth, Vern & Sandy




Family reunion..

Adyn's daycare made these for MorMor.  Love how they used his hand & foot prints.

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Visit from Renton, WA


Video of  Jacob & Adyn
Click: HERE
(9.3 MB)


Target practice



Videos of gun shoots
Click on names:

thad1 (2.7 MB)
mark (5.8 MB)
marge (2.5 MB)
jacob1 (2.0 MB)
jacob2 (5.3 MB)
jacob3 (0.7 MB)
jacob4 (2.8 MB)
jacob5 (1.5 MB)
jacob-mormor (3.1 MB)
anabel1 (4.4 MB)
anabel2 (6.1 MB)
anabel3 (1.7 MB)
anabel4 (7.6 MB)
anabel5 (1.1 MB)
anabel6 (5.3 MB)

Jacob really, REALLY loves Uncle Mark's crossbow

Videos of Jacob
shooting the
Click on names:

jacob1 (8.1 MB)
jacob2 (3.3 MB)
jacob3 (2.6 MB)
jacob4 (2.7 MB)



Attending services at Cornerstone AOG, Danville, KY


Dinner at Bob Evan's before flight home



At the airport


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Lee's cousin
Carol Ann (Paulson) Wayne

Eric, Lynn & Dan
at Fort Harrod







Suzy's 50th birthday party




Our Wedding.............
September 7th 1968
at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church
Lakewood, NY

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VA provided me with a tray for my laptop.

New van ..... 2015 Honda Odyssey


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