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Our Families
Tammy's Family



Marge's 2006 herd of goats.

She has 4 nannies and all 4 had triplets in 1 week.  One had a still birth and another's runt wasn't able to stand so the mother rejected it.  That one is living in our kitchen while Marge, Tammy and Sydney are bottle feeding it.  It's name is OREO as it is brown on both ends and white in the middle.





2008 babies

Pamla's twins born 11/11.


Grace's baby, Flame, born 11/17.  Grace is only 8 1/2 months and Flame was not able to drink at first, so Marge tied Grace up and milked her.  She brought Flame in, fed him with a bottle to give him a start and took him back out to his momma.  Later that evening she check on him and he didn't look good so she brought him back in and kept him in a box in the kitchen all night.  The next morning he wouldn't drink from the bottle so she took him back to his momma and he immediately starting sucking her and is doing great. 








Our barn guest.
No wonder we haven't seen any mice and there aren't any birds nesting in the barn.















Marge's 2008 herd of goats.







January 27th 2009 Ice Storm












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Pictures taken out the kitchen window.  These are views Lee enjoys everyday!


Neighbor's horse came to visit.  They really made a mess of the yard with their hoofs.  They also made a mess in the barn being nosey.


The goats broke out of the field and are enjoying the yard.  They ate Marge's one lilac bush plus her rose bushes.  GRRRRRRRRRR







2009 babies

Big Daddy Buck, Noah


Feb 17th
Oreo has twins, Choc´┐Ż & Mocha



April 15th
Angie has twins



June 2nd
Gracie's twins


November 23rd
Oreo's twins


Aerial photos of the farm

Marge's other animals


Pictures of the farm taken from
our neighbors across the holler.


Marge's 2005 herd of goats


















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Spring Flowers


Bad goats - Wouldn't stay in the pen.  :-(
BUT......they sure did love playing on the porch and looking in window at us. 
AND......they sure did like eating all of Marge's plants and shrubs.



Marge's niece, Marsha's husband, Kevin, and daughter, Kammy, getting to "know" the goats.


VA provided Lee with new electric chair.  This one is narrower which is much better in the trailer.  It can recline.


Mark getting to "know" Stanley and Baby, the cat, wanting in on it.  Sydney was taking the pictures.



Bathroom renovation for a Handicap Roll-in Shower & Pedestal Sink.

Original bathroom


Progress each night after work



Finished results


First snow of the season


Christmas cactus grown from a clipping from Marge's mom's plant


Latest addition to the farm, a drop off dog.  He looks like an English Springer Spaniel and is neutered. 
He must have been abused as it took 3 weeks till he allowed Marge to pet him. 
He loves Esther and sleeps right next to her and sometimes with his head on her. 
This doesn't sit well Baby, the cat, as that's where she slept.

Marge has decided to name him Buddy as in Esther's buddy.  :-)



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Marge's walk through the neighborhood




A sunset


The start of the free range chickens





Some of the results


































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A "walk" around the farm








Some more of the results


Competition for the eggs


Lee using the EasyStand

A video taken
by Jacob
(21.5 MB)

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Video of Baby chicks HERE (1.7 MB)

Our newest addition - Emma
a 10 month old Great Pyrenees
and just in time as our flock of  22+ chickens is down to 11 due to foxes.



        Video clip HERE (58 MB)       

A walk around


Emma drinking from birdbath, just the right height!

Alexis & Renna's surprise visit in October 


Video clip HERE (3 MB)  -  Video clip HERE (4.4 MB)

Our un-expected new resident - a kitty - making friends with Emma 


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New fence......

Emma after brushing.....

after getting shaved....

Our new roof........

Our new heffer ....... Maggie
a Dexter, a small breed of cattle

the concrete floor in barn......

the chicken coop Isaiah House crew built.......

cutting down dead tree in fence row.......
    video (87.5 MB)

stained/sealed front porch Anabel & Marge did.......

clean up done by driveway crew's bobcat......

new driveway being put in........

Our new bull ....... Skully
a miniature Herford


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VA provided me with a tray for my laptop.

January 4+ snow

February 12+ snow with bitter cold

March 12+ snow

Deer in back yard - 2015-06-08.wmv

New computer with eye tracking


Our little homestead from the neighbors across the holler!!!!


our Christmas presents to us!!!!

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